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Workforce Disclosure Initiative Awards 2022

The WDI Workforce Transparency Awards celebrate companies for their efforts in promoting transparency in workforce reporting.

Introduced in 2020, the awards are based on the fullness of information that companies provide in various parts of their response to the WDI survey.

Each year, we aim to present awards for the following:

  • The companies with the most complete response overall;
  • The best first-time responder – i.e those that completed the highest proportion of the survey in their first year;
  • The most improved – based on an increase in the completeness of their response;
  • The companies with the most data for workers on non-permanent contracts;
  • The companies with the most data covering their supply chain; and
  • The companies that answered the highest number of questions on how they are implementing workforce practices.

See the full list of 2023 award winners and nominees below. For more information about each award, see this document.

WDI Awards 2022

All winners and special mentions